Ben: A Memoir, from Street Kid to Governor

From a hardscrabble childhood in the rough Honolulu neighborhood of Kalihi to his two terms in the governor’s mansion, Washington Place, Ben Cayetano’s story offers a riveting look at Hawaii yesterday and today: ethnic voting, Hawaiian sovereignty, Bishop Estate, the drama of 9-11 and the back-room maneuverings of politicians and business leaders. Here is a rare glimpse behind the scenes, an unflinching memoir with no punches pulled, told with warmth and candor in his own words.

“…a revealing exposure of the political sausage grinder of compromise and betrayal, loyalty and courage, fear and rage.” —U.S. Congressman Neil Abercrombie

“In my 20 years of covering the political scene, Ben Cayetano was the most impressive I ever met—an independent iconoclast, who eschewed not only the political correctness of the day but also the cronyism of local politics.” —Political reporter Robert Rees

“Cayetano explains the intricacies and convolutions of Hawaii politics better than anyone ever has. Must reading for understanding how government in the Aloha State really works.” —Political consultant Joseph Napolitan

About the Author
Benjamin J. Cayetano served as governor of Hawaii from 1994 to 2002 and was the first Filipino American elected as a United States governor. He currently lives in Honolulu with his wife, Vicky.

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